The Art of Appreciation

Hurricane Omar threaded the needle between the islands of the Northern Caribbean. We are truly blessed to have emerged untouched by the category 3 winds at the storm's core. Even the palms retained their swaying leaves. The upcoming season promises to be a joyful celebration.

As the first snowflakes twirl in the northern skies, St.Maarten's Cabbage White butterflies ride the breeze in my garden. In times like these we all love and appreciate the Caribbean, but one man does it better than anyone. Sir Roland Richardson’s paintings ‘en plein air’ are a true celebration of nature’s splendor.

I aspire to create interior environments as beautiful as our landscapes. Roland Richardson’s art makes this possible.

Everything and everyone around you is your teacher.

**************************************************Ken Keyes Jr.

...As the springs return
regardless of time or man
so is HOPE!

Sometimes but a tiny bud
has to push up
through the hard shell
of circumstance,
to reach the light of accomplishment.

Do not give up HOPE!

*******************************Dorothy Miller Cole

The snow goose
need not bathe
to make itself white.

Neither need you
do anything
but be yourself.